New LOW Prices!

Did you know that together we have already raised $1200 for cancer support?!

It’s true! And I owe that to ALL the wonderful people who have shopped from tiny little charity. In conjunction with my jewelry sales, I have also donated some items to worthwhile causes, but collectively–this still adds up. I’m so happy to know that somewhere, right now, someone could be wearing a beautiful one-of-a-kind hand beaded necklace, that ALSO helped someone with cancer. It’s truly a win-win!

But I have many selections that are still available–and that, makes me sad. While the funds raised are a great start, I honestly wish to see much more money be donated to worthwhile agencies and organizations that assist those dealing with the devastating diagnosis of cancer. My goal, is to reach $1500.00 by the summer’s end–and I’m hoping you’ll help!

So, I’ve reduced my prices. A LOT, to make my merchandise affordable for anyone looking for a beautiful, creative, thoughtful gift for either themselves or someone they know, or maybe someone who just deserves it.

My new prices are as follows:

All necklaces are now $35.00. All Double-strands are now $15.00. All bracelets (available at the studio) are now $5.00. All Bottlecap necklaces (available at the studio) are now $8.00. All Wands are now $50.00.

If you’ve had your eye on a piece–PLEASE don’t hesitate to purchase it today! Shop online, or come visit me in Westerly, RI (by appointment only.)

Thank you!