Donation to the Tippett House

My most recent donation made on behalf of Grey Angel Designs is a somewhat personal one. But, despite it being close to my heart–that doesn’t detract from the importance of the place that these funds went to. It’s always been a self-imposed “rule” of mine that I would primarily contribute donations to Rhode Island based agencies and organizations that assist those with cancer, but as you are about to read, the Tippett House is extremely deserving of this contribution.

The Stanley R. Tippett Hospice House is in fact, located in Needham, MA. It’s the hospice facility where, when David’s brain cancer finally started to reach its painful conclusion, we transitioned to, for David’s final days. Located in a beautifully reconditioned private mansion, this facility sits on approximately six acres of wooded land near to the banks of the Charles River. I can attest to its beauty, and remember with bittersweet memory how once David was settled in his room, it was with the aid of their incredibly kind and dedicated staff, that I was able to get David to enjoy a few afternoons in their wonderfully maintained garden. We watched as chipmunks ran along the stone walls, butterflies flitted from flower to flower, and a Downy Woodpecker (David’s favorite!) tapped against a tree looking for lunch. This experience, while still painful to be a part of, was made all the more graceful and humane by the kindness and compassion that only a Hospice facility can give someone who is dying.

I support the right to access to Hospice care for all. And it’s only through donations that many of these facilities can continue their great work. My donation was small–but I still feel good about contributing to such a wonderful place.