Cancer Care Packages Donated!

Not all donations are made in money.

After making my Angel-Gram Cancer Care Packages, I felt certain that they would be received well. I spent several weeks researching and curating the specific items that I chose to include in them. I wanted, and needed, to make sure that the skincare products were truly to be beneficial to someone experiencing the difficult side effects often caused by the ravages of both chemotherapy and radiation treatment. I wanted to include items that were not only physically beneficial, but also supportive of the recipient, so I made sure to add things like a thoughtful book about dealing with a cancer diagnosis, a cotton beanie cap to help with hair loss, and even some pretty beaded bangles to give as gifts, or keep. I put everything into beautiful hand painted boxes, and then I waited.

But they never sold. And with the products at risk of reaching their expiration date, I panicked at the thought of these winding up in the trash somewhere.

But then, a wonderful thing happened! Someone who had heard of my frustration passed on my name to a representative at the Southern RI & New London County CT chapter of the Relay For Life, and today, two of their gracious representatives came to meet me, and receive the last three of these cancer care packages as a donation on behalf of my charity. I am beyond thrilled! With their expertise and knowledge base, they will be able to quickly and easily gift these boxes to three women who will best benefit from their contents.

So my personal thanks to Cheryl Murray and Katrina Gingerella of the Relay For Life organization. I hope they make someone’s fight a little bit easier!