New LOW Prices!

Did you know that together we have already raised $1200 for cancer support?! It's true! And I owe that to ALL the wonderful people who have shopped from tiny little charity. In conjunction with my jewelry sales, I have also...Read More

Cancer Care Packages Donated!

Not all donations are made in money. After making my Angel-Gram Cancer Care Packages, I felt certain that they would be received well. I spent several weeks researching and curating the specific items that I chose to include in them....Read More

Donation to the Tippett House

My most recent donation made on behalf of Grey Angel Designs is a somewhat personal one. But, despite it being close to my heart--that doesn't detract from the importance of the place that these funds went to. It's always been...Read More

First Charitable Donation Made!

The Grey Angel Army has done it—we’ve made our first charitable contribution! See this photo? It’s a donation check given to the CT Brain Tumor Alliance in the amount of $400.00. On Tuesday, December 4th, I had the distinct pleasure...Read More