“The only cure for grief is action.”  ~~  George Henry Lewes

In August of 2017, I lost my partner, best friend, and inspiration to brain cancer. After dealing with the grief of his death, I decided to honor his life by creating a non-profit called Grey Angel Designs. Grey – for the representation of the national brain cancer awareness ribbon. Angel – to represent David’s life. Designs – to represent my crafts and jewelry.

Know that your purchase does good, as all net-proceeds of every item sold are donated to various charities that assist those with cancer. I re-invest the balance in order to continue making new merchandise to sell. All cancer-related agencies and organizations are considered for donations, as are Hospice locations and the Visiting Nurse Association. Please check the charity donation tally located on the right side of the homepage of this website for an updated donation amount. Check the “Posts” page for updates about individual donations that have been made.

My goal is to donate to a wide variety of cancer-related charities and assistance organizations, as I feel that anyone who experiences the devastating effects of a cancer diagnosis deserves love and support.